The air that we breathe, the earth that we dwell within, the water we drink and the fire which warms our bodies are all that keep us alive, all that keep out the Void of beyond. Since the Gods rose up against their creators, the Titans, and slew them, the world has been dying, and only the forces that we, poor Men, can harness from the rotting corpses of the dead Titans sustain what is left. That there are still a handful of Gods is not a comfort any longer, for they caused all the harm that surrounds us. If we had the might, we would slay them, I think. But our strength is devoted to survival, not revenge, as we draw out the essense of the titans to shape a space in which we can at least live, and fight off the creatures that the dead dreams of the primal ones create out of the same immortal, dead flesh we need to survive.

The Void is all around us. Some say it has even come within. I say we must fight it off, as long as we can, for perhaps somewhere, somehow, there is another place we can live, another world we can survive on, and perhaps a time will come when our children’s children will walk under the sun again, and live in the open, and be free of Gods and Titans and monsters.

Last Remnants